Lissie Belle
She Knows You're Tiny
She Knows You're Tiny

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Wife is hanging out with her girlfriend Lissie by the pool. you always had the biggest crush on her, especially her boobs.... they have been drinking and your wife just looooves talking a little bit too much when she's does, she told Lissie that your dick is tiny! your wife is always complaining to her about it, but Lissie is very curious she wants to see if you're actually as small as she says, so she tries to get you to show you, but you're not too crazy about that, but then you suggest tit-for-tat LOL she shows you her yummy big boobs, and you show her your tiny dicklette! she agrees and when she sees your tiny cock she laughs and mocks you. she even jerks your tiny dick with 2 fingers, humiliating you with every stroke. This was a custom the name Kyle is used