Lissie Belle
Saved by Wonder Woman JOI
Saved by Wonder Woman JOI

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You get caught in the crossfire, but she swings in to save you! OMG to be saved by Wonder Woman wow! She's happy you're ok, but she quickly becomes concerned with a huge bulge you have in your pants, she realizes that her nemesis has poisoned you with a semen build up! If you don't act soon your balls and dick will explode! Oh, no! But how can you cum? Being so nervous about your dick exploding and with so much crazy chaos going on? Don't worry! Wonder Woman's got you!!! She will coach you through a JOI session to make sure she drains every drop out of you! First you give her a big load on her hard abs, but she can sense you have more buildup, so she lets you cum all over her super heroine face!
Tags: JOI, cosplay