Lissie Belle
On The Edge Level 2
On The Edge Level 2

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Added on: 17.11.2020
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I'm your girl's BFF and it's just you and me in the house, I'm her roomie and I'm getting ready to leave for work, when I come outside my bedroom, I notice you are jerking off OMG I take a closer look at what you are jerking off to on the screen, and it's me. you are jerking off to a pic of me! I can't believe it! I pick up my phone to call my girl and tell her the stuff you been up to, but you bed me not to.... I offer a deal... I won't say anything, as long as you do as I say... DEAL? Have you tried my older vide called "on the edge"? Well this is level 2. It will be super hard not to cum, but you have got to try your best to last till the very end, I will make you go very fast at some points if you can't handle it just slow down DO NOT CUM! Save it for the cum countdown. Near the end I will give you a small preview of level 3 so it gets exxxtremely HARD. This was a custom request, the name Kyle is used. This vids has stripping and lots of focus on my titties