Lissie Belle
I need a Raise Fatty SPH
I need a Raise Fatty SPH

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Hi fat BOSS!!! I need a big raise! As big as you haha!!! If you give me a big raise I can give you naughty fun time!!! Let me see your cock!! OMG its tiny!!! It's like hiding underneath your fat folds wow!! Well come on boss fuck me with that tiny cock! Now you will really have to give me that raise, because you are so fat and have a small cock and balls, I will use this information to make you my bitch boy, you will buy me gifts and treat me like I deserve I say jump and you say how high. If you don't then the whole office will know how small the BIG BOSS is. A nice treat for you at the end showing you the real me. This was a custom request the name Ismael is used