Lissie Belle
HBH The Haunting Of Eileen
HBH The Haunting Of Eileen

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The power went out at the HBH, Eileen is in charge of getting the power back on, but she can't find her cell phone, and it's too dark, she finds a candle, but she's not sure how to get the power back on... she's scared, its late and the storm outside is pretty bad... to make matters worse something keeps blowing out her candle and when she lights it back up again, she sees she has less and fewer clothes each time... there's a ghost, and he's fucking with her.... literally, as soon as the ghost removes all her clothes he proceeds to push her on top of the bed and fuck her ghosty style, Eileen is terrified at first but seeing as no one is watching she lets herself go, and she seems to enjoy it, when the lights come back on she realizes the ghost gave her a huge facial