Lissie Belle
Giant Evil Sorceress
Giant Evil Sorceress

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You are her biggest fan! And lucky you found yourself a magic lamp and wished yourself in front of your goddess! You can't believe your eyes and neither can she. She's thrown off and a bit angry at the fact that you just appeared in front of her until she sees your genie and your lamp... she convinces you that you should let her use 1 of her wishes, she would wish to be the most powerful being on the planet and after all isn't that what you love? A dominant powerful woman? yes powerful women make you HARD! so you agree you let her make her wish. shes immediately transformed into an evil sorceress with the power of magical lightning at her fingertips... all she needs to point and visualize, and it will happen, first she points at the genie to make him tiny and takes his powers for herself, then up next is you... she shrinks you too and teases the both of you with her body parts, putting you in her panties, in between her boobs and in her mouth, she loves teasing you both and talks about world domination! Once she's done playing with her toys she tells you to take a front row seat, so you can experience her world take over!