Lissie Belle
Elenas Chatroom HBH 4K
Elenas Chatroom HBH 4K

Video-Length: 20m 12s
Video-Resolution: 3840x2160 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 20890 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
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Language: English


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Elenas gets a bit confused and walks into the wrong room... in it she finds all the equipment ready for a camshow, obviously one of the female guests must be staying here and stepped away for a bit, and Elena being super curious sits down in front of the camera to explore, she's having fun looking at what the people type on the screen. a member comes in the chatroom and believes she's the model that was supposed to be on, so he starts tipping her, she gets a rush hearing those bells ring with every tip, she can't help herself... she plays along and pretends she's a cam girl, she knows she won't actually get these tips but its such a RUSH she's such a slut and she's having some much fun! that is.... until the real cam girl walks in and finds her in her room...