Lissie Belle
Cuck Training
Cuck Training

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I have special instructions at the end of this video, so make sure you watch until the end the first time... one of my rules is... don't cum till the end try to last as much as you can and whenever you cum, remember the time stamp on the video, write it down you will need it for later, but please.... for your own benefit last as long as you can! You are a cuck... forever doomed to watch and jerk, because not only are you super tiny down there lol, but you also lack the stamina to fully satisfy anyone... am I right??? Well watch this... I have several layers of clothing on me, you will jerk off as a strip trying your hardest not to cum as I insult your manhood. If you make it till the end you get to see my naked body and cum with no penalty... however fail, and I have some humiliating surprises for you that will either ruin your sex life or make you a more suitable CUCK.