Lissie Belle
aunt Lissie at it again
aunt Lissie at it again

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aunt Lissie is in charge of taking care of her beloved nephew, he got into an accident and got both his arms broken, so Lissie being the good Auntie she is gives him a sponge bath, but first she gives him his pain medicine, she begins to clean him, and eventually gets to his cock! she is surprised by how yummy it is, and she cant help herself and begins to touch it and suck it, after the medicine hes to groggy to know whats happening so she takes his hand and puts his fingers in her pussy helping him masturbate her, she then takes it even further and gets on top of his cock! hes awake but not all there, so she tells him this is all a dream, and that he should enjoy it! he finally blows a nice cum shot deep inside his aunts pussy
Tags: MILF, sex, creampie, taboo